What is the 555?

A bunch of our good friends are currently on the 555. This is an infernal ride for only the intrepid. They (willingly, without a gun to their head) are riding vintage motorcycles that they got for less than $500, under 500cc’s and riding them 5000 miles to Knoxville TN. While there are no scooters on this particular ride, we think anything two wheels is better than four, and since they are good friends doing cool stuff, we thought we would share.

From their website:
So way back in 2008 some gentlemen from Tennessee hatched the brilliant idea of riding cheap, under-powered and old motorcycles across this great nation of ours. Not only have these men provided the inspiration for our ride but they will also be the first people we blame when we find ourselves fumbling around in the gravel looking for the circlip somewhere in Idaho.

While having a bunch of fun is top priority on the 2009 agenda we are also hoping to perpetuate the inertia and the spirit of the ride.

The 2009 version of the 555 will be following the same formula as the original ….

* 1975 or older motorcycle
* Spend less than a total of $500 on the purchase, build and prep
* Total displacement of motorcycle cannot exceed 500cc
* No man left behind (even the guy on the really marginal DT)
* Stay off the freeways and keep to the backroads
* Knoxville, TN bound

Check out some of their crazy antics (they tweet and everything!):
The 555

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