Scooter Lap Apron

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• Small enough to fit in to most underseat helmet buckets
• One Size (fits 25-54 inch waist)
• Peta-Approved Vegan
• Insulated


The Corazzo Lap Apron is designed to make riding in rain and cold much more comfortable.Constructed of a waterproof nylon and a thick fleece lining, the Corazzo Lap Apron keeps you warm and dry. Thoroughly tested in the rainy Northwest USA, we can attest to this apron’s capabilities.

The apron has two handy cargo pockets trimmed with Scotchlite reflective tape to keep your belongings handy while you ride.

The universal lap apron secures around your waist, and has Velcro (included) to help secure the apron and keep it from flapping when you get up to speed.

Now Peta-Approved Vegan!

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 4 × 1 in

2 reviews for Scooter Lap Apron

  1. Fernando (verified owner)

    The fleece lining is thin and it can hang loose from the outer lining so it feels weird bunching up on your lap but the outer shell is flat. After packing the apron in the bike, it takes time to uncrumple when it is cold. When the apron is warm it flexes better. I wasn’t aware of the Velcro at first but my scooter has weird form on the sides so wasn’t sure where to stick. It keeps my legs warm. Ankles feel cold. Rainy days the lap is dry but I’m sitting on a wet seat. The apron is nice when I just want something easy to put on and take off.

  2. Thomas (verified owner)

    I purchased this lap apron last December and have been using it ever since usually on cold mornings. It does an amazing job of keeping me warm even when the weather is cold.

    It folds up nicely to fit under the seat of my Vespa. Also, it is easy to put on a take off.

    It has a slick service on the outside which also keeps dirt off from the road spray. The fleece lining is thin but keeps me warm and I tend to get cold easily.

    It is water proof. In Mexico City, we can get some real downpours and nothing gets through. I have been truly amazed at how well it has worked.

    I don’t use the velcro because I didn’t want to stick them on my scooter. However, I don’t think it is necessary as I just make sure it is well wrapped around me.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with a scooter and cold weather.

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