CX500: Carburetor Cleaning and Basic Maintenance

As I said in the previous entry, getting the bike running again after it has sat for so many years is the first priority.  That means at the minimum cleaning the carburetor and, changing the oil and ordering some parts.

So this past week I went ahead and cleaned the carbs. I did need to order carb kits since the diaphragms on mine were all rotted out. I ordered a set from Randakk’s Cycle Shakk and once they arrived, it was clear these were the best carb kits I have ever used. They came with all of the necessary O-rings, diaphragms and gaskets to do a complete tear-down and rebuild. Many of the replacement rubbers were also Viton, which is well regarded for it’s resistance to ethanol. They even included the pilot jet plugs!

So do we Randakk, so do we...

So do we Randakk, so do we…


Get yours here

The crankase oil was filled with gas, which is pretty common on bikes that have been sitting. After dumping that out and replacing the filter, I determined the petcock was no longer capable of shutting off so I’ll definitely have to rebuild that before I put this bike back on the road permanently. It’ll do the job for now though as it’s just a test fire and quick plod around the neighborhood.

I also ordered and installed a new battery as the original was missing and probably would have been toast anyway. With all of that work completed, it was time for the big moment….

Houston, we have lift off!

It smoked a bit while it was burning off whatever had gotten into the exhaust when it was sitting in the barn but after a few trips around the block it cleaned itself out. Overall I think it runs great. Power was smooth and linear throughout the range. I was taking it easy as the tires were cracked and covered in duck poop (it really was in a barn!) and the forks were leaking so bad that they were squirting oil everywhere but it did what it needed to do.

Now that we know it runs we can actually get to the fun stuff!

To be continued…

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