The CORSette and Corsa Races

If you are not aware, every year on the east coast there are 2 separate races based on the same set of values but with different criteria for entry.

The CORSette is a women-focused 2-day vintage 2 stroke scooter smallframe endurance race. The racers must navigate the course without the aid of a GPS and typically the route covers a wide range of terrain.  .

The Corsa IFP follows similar rules but is open to anyone who wants to compete.  This race generally covers 500-600 miles over a 2-day period, again without a GPS and is limited to vintage 2-stroke scooters only.

As an avid enthusiast of these events, Corazzo has elected to sponsor a rider in both of these races this year.  Our rider Heather Masar of the MON Scooter Club has participated in many of these events and is primed to finally take home the gold this year.  She will be participating in both the CORSette and the CORSA IFP as she has in the past.  Her support crew Adam Bower of Soulpower Scooters has engineered his fair share of Lambretta parts for yours truly and I believe he’s got the magic formula needed to balance performance and reliability for Heather’s scooters.  We are extremely excited to be a part of the action and hope you join us in following these events.


Go Heather Go!


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  1. Heather Masar May 13, 2016 at 06:47 #


  2. EP Sato May 13, 2016 at 09:01 #

    I’ve known Heather for a few years. She’s got an amazing team and is herself an expert rider. The Middle of Nowhere Scooter Club is a tight nit group, and they all love vintage scooters with a passion.

    This year’s Corsette features several of the east coast vintage scene’s best and most experienced scooterists, including several Corsette veterans. These women are riding 30+ year old scooters that they have rebuilt themselves, or which have been rebuilt by the best scooter mechanics.

    Good luck and safe riding to all of these brilliant young women.

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