The Corazzo Liner Vest is the Motorcycle Jacket Liner You Didn’t Know You Needed

Add Year-Round Riding to Your Repertoire

Our scooter and motorcycle jacket liner vest is engineered to be worn under any motorcycle jacket regardless of brand. This is particularly important if you own or are considering owning one of our older jackets like the 5.0 or Speedway as these jackets never came with any type of liners.

Wear it under any jacket!

Unisex and Made to Fit

We installed elastic stretch panels on the sides of our Liner Vest to fit all body types. Sizing is listed in men’s but this is a unisex product so it fits women as well. Just refer to our size chart when ordering and let our vest take care of the rest.

Elastic side panels tailor the fit to any body type

Fits guys and gals alike!


Stay Warm Pony Boy

Our Liner Vest’s shell is quilted just like your fancy Toilet Paper while the exterior of the shell is wind resistant Cordura nylon.  It’s also designed to be fitted instead of being loose and baggy so it keeps your core warm and insulated during those beautiful fall rides you are missing out on.

It’s Quilted!

Turn it up to 11 (or 5)

Add our Symtec Heat Demon Heating Element set to add electric heat to your vest. With this add on, we include the heating elements, heat controller and Lithium-Ion battery so you are all set. Go ahead and jump on the back of that Tauntaun Han and go save Luke from the Wampa, we’ll take care of the rest. On a full charge (3 1/2 hours), expect about 90 minutes of constant use on the high setting.

Add-on Symtec Heat Demon Heat Controller on Corazzo Motorcycle Liner Vest

Add-on Symtec Heat Demon Heat Controller

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Corazzo Motorcycle Liner Vest and stop hiding under that blanket on the couch.



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