Corazzo at Barber Vintage Festival

Corazzo will be in Birmingham, Alabama this October 7-9th for Barber Vintage Festival. This is the largest vintage motorcycle event in North America and not to be missed!

Plan your trip now. Here are a few highlights to give you an idea of what to expect.

The Largest Vintage Motorcycle Museum in North America

The Barber Museum has become a mecca for all motorsport enthusiasts to visit at least once. This 3 story monster houses more than 1400 motorcycles and is now officially the largest motorcycle collection in the world. Generally only around 600 bikes are on display but they open the complete collection up during the Barber Vintage Festival.

Expect to see a little of everything at the Barber Museum.

Harleys? Check

Triumphs? Check

BSAs? Nortons? Hondas? Yamahas? Crockers? check, check, check, check, check!

Me personally? I hope to finally see a Brough Superior in person. I know I won’t be able to ride one there but someday I hope to. If it’s cool enough for Sir Laurence of Arabia well then it’s definitely cool enough for me!

T. E. Lawrence on a Brough Superior c. 1927

T. E. Lawrence on a Brough Superior c. 1927

AHMRA Racing at Barber Motorsports Park

What is cooler than motorcycle racing? Vintage motorcycle racing! Grab a spot on one of the many corners and watch some historic motorcycles battle for the checkered flag. If you have not watched hand shift motorcycle give it the raspberries on a race track, here is one of the few opportunities to see that happen. It promises to be an experience you may never forget.

1941 Indian 750cc Road Racing

1941 Indian 750cc Road Racing


On top of that, they also do vintage trials in lot C so you know where I’ll be!

Vintage Trials Riding


Swap Meet

You could spends months digging through the treasures you’ll find here. Looking for a Knucklehead? How about a crank for a old Triumph? Whatever it is you are looking for, whether it is parts or projects you will probably find it. My best advice? Know what you are looking for but be prepared to get distracted.  One year I grabbed a pair of high pipes for my 67 Bonneville Hardtail. I measured the diameter before I left home so I would know if it fit. When I got home it turned out I had grabbed T100 pipes so you should definitely know what you are looking for!

Swap Meet!



Corazzo will be vending in the Fan Zone at Barber Vintage Festival this years. We will have our complete collection and a 10′ x 20′ booth. Be sure to stop by and say high. Go ahead and pick up a jacket and some gloves while you are at it!

Corazzo Vending at the Rockerbox Motofest in June 2016

Corazzo Vending at the Rockerbox Motofest in June 2016

All that plus SO MUCH MORE!!!! We’ll see you in October!

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