Calling all Ladies! Any Road, Any Street–You Decide–Just Ride!

Motoress, Female Ride Day
Motoress, Female Ride Day

International Female Ride Day occurs every year on the first Friday of May. Its a day for women motorcyclists, worldwide, inviting women to join together on their motorcycles, not matter the type, size or style and –JUST RIDE!
We rode today! May 1st 09
We rode today! May 1st 09

INTERNATIONAL FEMALE RIDE DAY was created by MOTORESS International’s Founder and Director, Vicki Gray with the aim to HIGHLIGHT the many numbers of women actively enjoying motorcycling; HEIGHTEN awareness of women riders, and INSPIRE those who have not yet taken it up. Each participant is a role model for women in motorcycling!
This day each year expands country by country, rider by rider each year in hopes of a synchronized,celebrated day just for female riders–WORLDWIDE!
This information, along with more details, can be found on Motoress International Female Ride Day MOTORESS International
Location: Any Road Any Street–You Decide–JUST RIDE!

MOTORESS is an international brand headquartered in Toronto Canada, with a strong online presence that connects women with motorcycling by engaging readers with the passion they seek in every aspect of their motorcycling lifestyle. The site includes news, gearstyle, technique, know-how, beauty, health, inspiration and more.
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