5 Tips for Staying Warm When Riding Motorcycles and Scooters

Fall riding can be some of the most rewarding of the year

It is often referred to by many as the best time to riding motorcycles and scooters because the cooler temps and beautiful colors of the leaves.

Since it does get cold, here are 5 tips to keep you warm while you take in some of the best riding of the year:

Riding Starts with a Helmet

Helmets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get 1/2, 3/4, full face, etc.

Obviously anything less than a full face or modular helmet is going to be colder on your face and will offer less protection in an accident. They also come in a variety of head shapes so if you are struggling to find a comfortable helmet, it’s time to review your head shape and shop accordingly.

Keep that neck covered with a Bandito or in extreme conditions wear a base layer like the Corazzo Underhoody.

Davida Classic Helmet and Halcyon Mark 8 Battle of the Britain Goggles shown on 1955 Lambretta 150D

Davida Classic Helmet and Halcyon Mark 8 Battle of the Britain Goggles shown on 1955 Lambretta 150D

Keep Your Core Warm

Staying warm and protected is all about keeping your core insulated. Depending on where you are located, your needs here are going to vary.

Thankfully Corazzo offers something for everyone as those of us riding motorcycles and scooters in the Northern States require a lot more insulation than someone might need in Southern California, Florida or Texas.

If you need the warmest Jacket, consider the 6.0 or Viaggio for Men and the 6.0 or Avventura for Women. These use a removable insulated full-sleeve liner and when paired to our Cordura shell, offer the ultimate in cold weather protection.

If you have a slightly milder fall and winter, consider the Tempeste or Postale for Men and the Turiste for Women. The Tempeste and Postale both use a fleece vest and all three will offer excellent wind protection.

Finally if it just never gets cold where you live, then go ahead and get the Ventata for Men or the Brezza for Women. These use a windproof, waterproof removable liner that might be just enough to take the edge off at night while incorporating a fully breathable mesh outer shell to protect you during those hot days.

Olive Tempeste Jacket on a nice original BMW R80G/S Paris Dakar

Olive Tempeste Jacket on a nice original BMW R80G/S Paris Dakar

Save Those Fingers From Fatigue

Anyone who has ridden in colder weather knows the importance of keeping their fingers from going numb. Cold hands will make or break your ride and can also be dangerous. When cold weather fatigue sets in your ability to quickly respond can be seriously impaired while too warm of a glove can turn your gloves into a miniature sweat lodge.

Choose gloves for the weather and consider bringing along a warmer or colder set of gloves in case the weather changes. You might start out your morning with Inverno Gloves and by midday you’ll be much more comfortable in our waterproof Caldo Gloves or Bolla Gloves. You could also start your day in Caldos or Bollas and end it in Enzos so you want to be prepared for that.

Well worn tan Cordero gloves on a well worn 1981 Honda CX500 tank.

Well worn tan Cordero gloves on a well worn 1981 Honda CX500 tank.

Keep Those Legs Warm

This is a fact of life when you ride in the Fall and Winter months but it’s also something that is easily prevented. The first thing to do is to wear a thermal base layer under your pants. From there you can cut the wind by wearing riding overpants, our Portland Rainsuit, or our insulated Lap Apron. You can also wear a combination of these for additional protection (as seen in the photo).

Don’t Forget the Coffee

Now that you are all dressed up, this is the perfect time to grab a chair outside. Grab a cup of your favorite warm drink at one of your favorite hang outs. Bring a book and be prepared to enjoy yourself. You can even bring your drink home with a Corazzo Coffee Jacket.

Corazzo Coffee Jacket shown on 1973 Lambretta Jet200

1973 Lambretta Jet200 at the Coffee Hag in Mankato, Minnesota

Staying warm and protected does not have to be uncomfortable. At Corazzo we make it easy for you to get out and ride.

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  1. Stanton November 26, 2017 at 04:35 #

    The tips are great. Most people prefer riding their scooters & motorcycles during due to the cool temperature and the awesome color of the leaves at that time. Due to the fact that it gets cold sometime during the year, these tips will keep you warm as you are riding during the cold seasons of the year.

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