Corazzo Liner Vest Black


  • Ladies or Men’s
  • Stylish Corazzo design
  • YKK zippers
  • Go anywhere
  • Integrated custom design
  • Handy pockets
  • Unisex sizing XS – 2XL
  • Available in Black and Olive

Add the SYMTEC heating elements for only $139.00

  • Single zone 5 stage controller
  • Battery supplied
  • Charger supplied
  • Dual heating elements front
  • Single heating element rear
  • Industry standard 2.5mm DC outlet
  • Battery Samsung Lithium-Ion
  • 11.1 volt / 4400 mAh capacity allowing up to 7 hours of heat
  • Vehicle connection sold separately
  • For use on scooter,motorcycle or anywhere you might be cold
  • Spare parts available.

Need help determining what size vest to order?

Use this handy guide to determine what size jacket to order:
Chest (A) Measure around the circumference of your chest.
Waist/Hip: (B) Measure the circumference around your hips.


Once you have your measurements, refer to this chart on each item page to determine the correct size for you:

screen shot copy

Size Chart

Women’s XS | Men’s S
Women’s XS | Men’s S
Women’s L | Mens M
Women’s XL or 2XL | Men’s L
Women’s 3XL | Men’s XL
Men’s XL or 3XL

Heat Elements (optional)


Is your 5.0 or Speedway cold? Our Corazzo Liner Vest is the perfect add-on layer for late fall or spring motorcycle and scooter riding!

The new Corazzo Liner Vest is both stylish and versatile while being designed to maintain core temperature. This vest is the ultimate add-on for your motorcycle and scooter riding jacket, older Corazzo jacket with no liner, or to replace the fleece liner used in the Tempeste and Postale. Designed for comfort, the Corazzo Liner Vest features flexible sides combined with a quilted Cordura shell. Our slim design will add warmth without adding bulk and will give your old jacket the versatility it deserves.

If your full-sleeve liner is too warm, this vest liner can be zipped into your 6.0, Avventura and Viaggio jackets using the existing zippers. Think of this as the perfect bridge between early and late fall or spring motorcycle and scooter riding season. You can even add the Heat Demon heating components which turns it’s versatility up to 11.  

The heating elements have been sourced through US company SYMTEC, a leader in Heat Performance Technology. Our Heat Demon heating component add-on includes carbon fiber heating elements, a heat controller with LED indicator, and a Lithium-Ion battery.

Sizing is in Men’s but this product is unisex so for Men or Women. Also available in Olive!

Heated Vest, Battery Pack and Controller Instructions

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2 in


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